After the big storm Gloria hit Spain at the end of January we are left with perfect riding conditions at lower altitude and plenty of snow up high. After a couple of warmer days the cold temperatures came back and left us with really hard packed snow up in the alpine. I planned a ride with friends but when they stood me up I headed up to the now closed ski station Rasos de Peguera, the first ski station in Catalonia and only just over an hour north of Barcelona, and went for a ride. I brought along a couple of cameras and a tripod and decided to try to capture the experience. 

As being from the north of Sweden the actual snow riding is something I’m pretty used to. What was new to me was doing vertical meters on snow. Thanks to the e-bike I managed to make a total of more than 700 vertical meters, something that would have been impossible on a normal bike. It also turned out that the DH tires I use now during winter grips in an impressive way in the snow. 

For begin in Spain and this close to the Mediterranean it’s a big luxury to be able to have these mountains just above Berga to play in. Ride along!