In the guide course that I, Pär, took this fall I got to know a lot of people with very interesting ideas for projects in the world of biking – from managers of downhill teams, leaders of kids XC-teams, jump and BMX-competitors and more. One of the participants, Rámon, has a project to make instructional videos on YouTube. Of course we wanted to invite him to ride with us one day and last Saturday, a superb sunny winter day, he showed up with his friend Dani.

It was for sure an early start for them, we had to make it up to altitude before the snow started melting so we would be able to ride over the snow fields with ease. For me, being from the north of Sweden and Fèlix having worked many years as a mountain guide and snowboard professional are well used to snow and riding on snow. But for Ràmon and Dani, grown and raised just outside of Barcelona, this was their first time riding on snow.

Super fun to see them enjoy it! It’s of course fairly exotic with mountain biking on snow in Spain but the Pyrenees are big mountain and to be able to do these massive downhills all year around sure is a luxury. 

Personally I really like to see how someone else experience and film our trails. For us for example we now are so used to stopping and taking out the saw and remove a fallen tree, for them it was really an eyeopener that we always ride with two types of saws.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did! And if you want to see a shorter edit of the same day, have a look at our video. And of course, please subscribe to both Ràmon’s and our channel, it helps us a lot.