What happens if it rains?
Depending on the weather and current conditions the guide decides where we bike. If the weather is very bad we always have the option to drive towards to coast where the weather generally is better.

Insurance and accidents?
Insurance for the trip, the activity and rental bike is not included. Please double check with your travel insurance and you bike club insurance what is included. In case of an accident we have a small local hospital and within 1 hour of driving bigger hospitals. There are good helicopter rescues in the Pyrenees but it can be expensive so, again, make sure you are insured!

What hotel will we stay in?
We work with several lodgings so depending on availability and group we choose the best hotel. Before you book we always inform you what lodging we have booked for that specific week.

How do we book and pay?
You book by sending and e-mail to providing the dates you are interested in, how many you are and if you’re interested in renting a bike.

Our company, Hyper Active AB, is a Swedish INC that is registered as a travel agency. Hyper Active AB has put the required bond to the government to comply with the rules of the European Union.

At the moment of reservation we will ask for 25% of the payment, the remaining part 40 days before the trip. For a small extra fee we accept payment with VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.


What is the difficulty level?
We always adapt our trips to the group we have and start with the easiest day to then up the game to the level best suited for the group.

That said we recommend a good skill level and general fitness so you can get the most out of your trip. We ride on 100% natural singletrack trails so you will encounter a bit of everything during your days here. Sometimes it is steep, sometimes slippery, sometimes very rocky and sometimes we simply have to get off and carry our bikes for a bit.

If you are a group of friends that are used to riding together we are happy to tailor a trip just for you. We can also arrange beginner enduro trips if you are a group of friends looking to get into this fantastic sport.

Bike & Protection

What bike do I need?
We recommend full suspension all mountain enduro bike for the typ of riding we are doing (140 mm of suspension or more). If you are bringing your own bike make sure you have rugged tyres and a tubeless setup. Before travelling, also make a complete bike check so you don’t come down with a faulty bike (has happened…). We have a very good bikeshop in Berga that normally can help out with problems but of course it is better to not have to waste riding time if it can be avoided.

What protection should I wear?
For protection we recommend at least helmet and kneepads. We personally normally also ride with elbow pads, backpack with spine protector and bike gloves. We also have some very sticky bushes on our south slopes so it’s a good idea with protection for the shins/lower legs. A light long sleeve shirt protects from both the sun and a close encounter with a sticky bush.