We need your help!

Do you like the trails of Berga? Are you following them on Trailforks? Have you seen our posts on Instagram and our videos? Super – this is exactly what we want! 

Now comes the reality. For the majority of trails there is not done enough trail maintenance to enjoy them on bikes. There is a small brigade of workers contracted by the local government that do trail work but they have to work on all the trails of the area and the trails that we are interested in doesn’t receive priority.  

This is why Fèlix and me (Pär) have decided to dedicate a good portion of our work with Berga Enduro to trail maintenance. With a terrain this good and trails in good conditions we will have what it takes to receive visitors from all over the world. Only during 2020 we have invested 40 days and ~1000 euros in tools, use of our cars etcetera. This we have payed straight from our own pockets. 

If you want to help us there is a lot you can do!


1 – Hires us as guides

Let us show us the best trails for your level and the trails in best shape right now! You will know that you’re not only contracting a taxi to take you up but you also support all the work we are doing all year around with the trails. We can guide you one or several days. Read more

2 – Contract us for a self-guided route

We have big routes that we keep in good shape. Book our service to do one of these routes and we can guarantee the state of these trails. Read more

3 – Donate

Around the world there are big trail networks being 100% maintained by donations and voluntary work. Sweden, New Zealand, Canada…. If you are enjoying our trails and have seen the work we put into the trails, please consider donate. For example Marc from Manresa, a rider coming up to enjoy the trails on the weekends, wrote us asking if he could help with something. I (Pär) had just broken my big lopper so I explained this to him. A few minutes later I received the a transfer. THANK YOU MARC!

Bizum a 616 23 37 45 (Josep Fèlix)
PayPal: par.lindholm@gmail.com

4 – Tag us on Instagram

Thanks to the social networks we are able to show the world our amazing trails and the beautiful views. If you have enjoyed your day and publish something on Instagram – please tag @bergaenduro and we can repost it. 🙂

5 – Trailforks

If you are using Trailforks – please put stars and comment on the trails that you ride. And if you find something that needs to be fixed, like a fallen tree, Trailforks is the best way to report it.

Why is Trailforks so important? It is the biggest mountain bike tool in the world and with a lot of commentaries and trails it helps us to reach the international market. 


THANK YOU and hope we see you in the mountain!