Living in the city of Berga we’ve got a few different options of where to go without having to use the car. We can head up towards Rasos de Peguera, down towards Cal Rosal or to the south west and ride the beautiful trails around the village of Capolat. 

This whole area has a bedrock that is conglomerate which means that rain seeps through very fast. Given that this is also the southern most part of our riding paradise it also have slightly more sun, all in all this means that the trails here generally are the trails that can be ridden first after rain. The trails are also varied and really ridable. The difficulty is also accessible to many and if you’re prepared to walk down a few meters here and there most people comfortable with riding blue trails can do this loop. 

For me, Pär, this area has a special place in my heart since this is where I started riding enduro, this is where I started cleaning trails and this is where I took my visiting friends the first time they came and ride here. In short – this is where Berga Enduro started. 

We have now updated the recommended route to ride in this beautiful area – Visit Capolat. The route is now circular and starts and ends by our new bikepark (follow them on Instagram!). From here you have a fairly hard climb for about 12 km and then a a long 10 km downhill (with shorter climbs) all the back down to Avià. We have also spent some days doing trail work to re-open the trails towards Sant Salvador (see photos below) and included them in the route. 

Want to save yourself a couple of hours of pedalling? Let us know and we help you out with an uplift! And of course if you prefer to do it with a guide, here we are waiting for you!