James joined me for a great day out riding above Berga. We started with a big uplift to the old ski station of Rasos de Peguera and then combined trails during hours riding down to Berga. We did this ride on the 17th of January, a dry winter for sure! It’s cold but the conditions of the trails have been nothing but perfect lately. 

Trying a new concept this time with filming backwards  towards James. Unfortunately the microphone didn’t work well so the sound is only from the GoPro. 


The top part we’ve ridden a lot with clients and with friends but I’ve always stayed on the south side of the mountain. The last month or so I’ve headed further north to start exploring. This is the area that I have closest to the house and it’s so so good! After a couple of days working on small sections of the trails most of the trails now ride super well. Plus we’ve found several new fun trails to prepare. For sure this will be where I do many of my rides this year. 

Ride Along!