At the end of October we had the last yet another visit from the clients of Cicles Jordi & Elena, a big bike store in Terrass outside of Barcelona. This is the 5th outing we arrange for their clients and it seems word spreads fast – this time the group filled up in just a couple of days. It turned out to be yet another superb experience! This time we decided to have a van following the group to be able to help out in case something happened and to be able to supply water, snacks, materials for repair etcetera. This gave us a chance to take photos and film on several places during the 2100 vertical meter ride as well.

And since the first group filled up we decided to open another date for the same run. The difference in weather couldn’t have been bigger! From almost summer weather two weeks later we found us with the first snow of the season and sub-zero conditions at the start of the ride. But the state of the trails was more than perfect and after the first 800 vertical meters was done we could all drop the jackets and at the end of the ride we where back to sun and 16 C. Even in late fall the sun is strong here in the Pyrenees!

Two superb outings with superb riders! More to come, for sure!