1811, 2019

Enduro Weekend – videos from client

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Niclas joined us for a guided long weekend of enduro all-mountain bike riding in the Pyrenees in October 2019. Superb conditions and many thousand vertical meters of riding. He now has prepared one video from each riding day and this is the result. Superb memories! Hard to believe that this is only an hour from Barcelona, for sure we have one of the wildest riding areas next to a major European city.  Day 1 - Full day in Vallcebre  Day 2 - The massive Rasos ride all the way down into the valley, 2100 [...]

1511, 2019

Crispy fall conditions

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Winter is upon us and the temperatures have dropped significantly the last week. The closest ski resort, Masella, opened for the season a couple of days ago and we are entering in the prime times for riding in the lower parts of our region. In summer we can enjoy rides from 2550 meters altitude, now in late fall and winter we stick to south sides and start our rides from 1200-1800 meters altitude and ride down into the valley. The lowest point we ride down to is 450 meters above sea level so this still gives us plenty of [...]

1111, 2019

Rasos Integral with #jecrew

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At the end of October we had the last yet another visit from the clients of Cicles Jordi & Elena, a big bike store in Terrass outside of Barcelona. This is the 5th outing we arrange for their clients and it seems word spreads fast - this time the group filled up in just a couple of days. It turned out to be yet another superb experience! This time we decided to have a van following the group to be able to help out in case something happened and to be able to supply water, snacks, materials for repair [...]

1011, 2019

Fall is here

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The fantastic fall weather lasted us a good two months this year giving us long days with stable weather and a chance to squeeze out those big riding days that we all love so much! Here are some photos from 2300 meters altitude in the northern region, riding with a couple from Switzerland. Amazing!

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