The area around Berga is home to an incredible range of trails that are perfect for enduro mountain biking. All this at only just over 1 hour from the Barcelona airport. The mountains in the area rise 2500 meters above sea level and are home to a vast network of trails, ranging from old mining tracks to alpine trails. Despite the rugged terrain, the area is accessible on asphalt roads, making days filled with long descents a possibility.

The mountains’ rocky south face and lush north face offer completely different riding experiences within close proximity. If you want to flow through forest, or test your mettle down loose rocky descents, the range of trails in Berga will leave you satisfied and smiling. The area also receives snow above 1500 meters in the winter, offering yet another level of riding challenge, although we still have year round access to 1000 vertical meter rides. This is an experience far removed from a bike park – it’s wilder, more exciting and a very rewarding!

If you want to get a sense of the extensive mountain biking on offer in the area, check out Berga on Trailforks.  The difference between the rocky south faces and the humid north faces is big when it comes to terrain and style of trail so two trails running close to each other can offer two completely different riding experiences. We also have rain and snow here so especially in wintertime be careful to choose your trails. We’re slowly adding all the major trails but are still far far from done. If you’re interested in riding here on your own, Trailforks is it’s a great resource to find fantastic riding. Many of the trails have photos and videos added to them as well.

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