Niklas and Pedraforca


Starting from the village of Bagà this is one of the better “shorter” routes you have. The uphill is along a gravel road and not very interesting but as soon as you start the actual riding you are rewarded with superb views and good riding. Once you drop down on the shady side of the mountain you start picking up speed… make sure you don’t loose your breaks! Down on the gravel road you then connect to the local classic Cucut and all of a sudden you are down in Bagà again. 

If you still want more, consider going up and hitting the superb trails Siti or Les Arrels.


Muy buena vuelta saliendo de Bagà. Las vistas desde arriba son para recordar. Cuidado luego en la bajada que es muy rápida. Una vez en la pista tienes un pequeño descanso antes de entrar en el clásico local el Cucut para acabar otra vez en Bagà. Si tienes ganas para hacer mas puedes subir otra vez y hacer Siti o Les Arrels.