This amazingly wild area is home to many beautiful and wild trails. Many of them are quite steep and the riding is generally intense and rewarding. This route combines a series of trails all the way from 1700 meters above sea level down to the village of Guardiola de Berguedà at around 700 meters.

The route passes by a short section protected with cable (!). It’s a bit tricky to get pass but if you’re two or more and can help each other there is no problem.

Five stars and a bit of an adventure included!



El bosque mas bonito del pais? Catllaràs es la zona mas salvage de Berguedà y posiblemente de la provincia de Barcelona. Aquí encuentras unos senderos muy bonitos, siempre con aventura incluida. 

NB! Hay un paso corto con cable que hay que pasar con la bici en el hombro. 

5 estrellas.